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Decorative Candles for Your Living-room

Posted by Merie Kent on Aug 08 2007 | Candles and Decoration

decorative candlesYour living room is the space where you spend much of your leisure time, and it is likely where you entertain. Your living room is likely the room that guests associate with you. It is also where you may read, complete craft projects, watch television, and spend time with your family. In many homes, the living room is the heart of a home. Being able to create a peaceful, relaxing, and attractive environment for the living room is very important for fostering your relationships at home and for de-stressing after a hectic day at work. If it has been a while since you have even thought about your living room, it is high time to take a fresh look at this vital part of your home.

There many things that you can do to ensure that your living room decor not only suits your style and your budget, but also provides you with maximum benefits. The first thing you should do is sit quietly in your living room when there’s no one else around. Take a pen and paper and jot down your impressions of your living room. Is it too warm? Too cold? Are there adequate windows and light? Does it feel cozy, or is it busy and crowded? Are you using your living room each day, or are you inadvertently avoiding this room because it is unpleasant? Is the room tidy or neat? Is the furniture old-fashioned? Your first impressions are probably not only the impressions that your guests have, but these impressions may inadvertently be impacting your day. For example, if your living room is too dark, you may inadvertently feel sleepy or depressed each time you sit in your living room. For both better entertaining and better home living, make it a plan to redo your living room to suit your current lifestyle.

Consider how you would start over if you had a blank slate. Would you prefer different color on the walls? Would you prefer a different couch? Look through and decorating books and decorating magazines, and find ideas that appeal to you. Post them into a scrap book and visit online retailers and stores to get ideas for paint colors, fabrics, and furnishings. Since tackling living room projects can take some time, set yourself a budget and a timeline and make your changes gradually. While you save for a new sofa, for example, you may be able to repaint the room or rearrange the furniture. You may be able to add inexpensive slip covers for the furniture or just remove the extra clutter from the room. Even small changes can start you on the way towards a nicer living space and can make you feel instantly better about your room as it is now.

One way that you can immediately infuse life and pleasure into your living room is with candles. Adding scented candles, large candles, or just large groupings of candles instantly adds a soft light, coziness, and glamour to your living room. Not only are candles very inexpensive, but they can also add a warm glow to any living space. While you are working through the projects listed in your scrap book, consider investing in some inexpensive candles which can transform your entire room. Who knows — you may find that you don’t need to do as much as you thought to make your home comforting again.

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The Importance of Natural Light

Posted by Merie Kent on Jul 27 2007 | Candles and Decoration

Natural LightNatural light is so important that we would fail to thrive without it. In fact, artists and those in the know spend thousands of dollars ensuring that they have natural light — and plenty of it — in their homes and workspaces. If you are tired, sluggish, depressed, and altogether unsatisfied with your home or your workspace, one of the first things to suspect is a lack of adequate lighting. Take a good look around your workspace or your living environment. Are there big windows in the rooms where you spend a large amount of time? Are there adequate numbers of windows which give natural light as well as fresh air? In the room where you sleep, is there a large window that provides natural light as well as fresh air in the morning? This is especially important, since you will have a hard time waking up in a room that is dark in the morning, and you will have a hard time getting good sleep in a room with small windows that provide poor ventilation.

Start becoming aware of the light in the rooms where you work and relax. If you are in a dingy, dark room, it will be very hard for you to be productive at work. It will also be difficult for you to feel alert and well. Similarly, it will be hard for you to relax and rest in a room with small windows.

Large windows that let in natural light make working or just relaxing far more enjoyable. Large windows let you look out at the beauty of nature and allow you to watch the world go by. Far from being distracting, they can allow you to have the lighting you need in order to do your work without ruining your eyes. Natural lighting can be one of the best light sources to work by. Large windows that let in lots of light will also allow you to achieve a better communication between exterior world and interior world. You feel more connected with your overall environment less isolated if you have adequate windows. Of course, natural light will also ensure that you get adequate of vitamin D, which is very important to your overall health. When you spend a lot of time in dark rooms, you look pasty and you don’t feel at your best. If you are busy and do not always get to spend plenty of time outdoors, you especially need to ensure that your windows let in as much natural sunlight as possible.

If your windows are small, dark, or don’t let in enough light, consider getting renovations. Although it may seem extreme, the cost, time, and effort of renovations when it comes to windows is well worth it. Not only can good windows save your eyesight, but they can also ensure that you are as receptive, happy, and healthy as possible. Look online for inexpensive windows solutions, and be sure to read all about all the window options available today. From vinyl windows to old-fashioned wooden frames, you’re sure to find a natural lighting solution that suits your style and your budget. While shopping, be sure to pick out some pretty blinds and curtains that will help you enjoy your new windows and your new outlook on life.

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